A month of very disturbed weather with lots of rain particularly in the last 10 days, very windy.


6 new birds for the year - POCHARD, JACK SNIPE, BLACK TERN, GREAT WHITE EGRET, WOODLARK, YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER, taking the total to 196 (c/f 2018 - 201, 2017 - 201).     A total of 131 species this month ( c/f 2018 - 138, 2017 - 122)




CANADA GOOSE - A record count for South Huish Marsh of 700+ on 6th.

BRENT GOOSE (DB) - Recorded on 3 days - 2 on the sea on 3rd, 1 on the sea on 30th, 15 flew SE on 31st.

SHELDUCK - 1 Juv remained on South Efford Marsh on 2nd.

WIGEON - Max on 31st - 60 on South Efford Marsh and 17 on South Huish Marsh.

TEAL - Max on 31st - 100+ on South Efford Marsh and 40 on South Huish Marsh.

SHOVELER - On South Huish Marsh a F on 1st with 3 on 31st.   A male flew SE on 31st.

POCHARD - A male flew SE across the Bay on 7th.

COMMON SCOTER - Max 32 flew SE on 3rd, with 28 on 21st and 22 on 30th

RED THROATED DIVER - Singles on 16th and 20th.

GREAT NORTHERN DIVER - singles on 17th and 20th with 4 on 31st.

LITTLE GREBE - One on South Huish Marsh most of the month.



GANNET - Best counts were 300 on 1st and 400 on 4th.

BALEARIC SHEARWATER - Recorded on 4 days - 3 on 4th, 1 on 14th, 2 on 16th and 4 on 17th.

STORM PETREL - A rare Autumn record - 1 in the Bay on 23rd.

GREAT WHITE EGRET - A single flew NW across the Bay on the 20th.



MERLIN -Single at South Huish Marsh on 7th, 8th and 16th.

OSPREY - 1 came in off the sea and flew up South Huish Valley on 26th.


WADERS - 17 species recorded

OYSTERCATCHER - Max of 26 on the rocks on 4th.

RINGED PLOVER - Max of 13 on 30th.

GOLDEN PLOVER -1 flew SE on 17th.

GREY PLOVER - 1 flew SE on 8th.

LAPWING - On South Huish Marsh - 3 on 7th and 18 on 31st.

DUNLIN - Max on South Huish Marsh of 8 on 5th.

SNIPE - Max at South Efford Marsh - 32 on 21st.

JACK SNIPE - 1 in flight at South Efford Marsh on 21st.

BLACK TAILED GODWIT - Max of 12 on South Huish Marsh on 1st had reduced to 3 on 31st.

BAR TAILED GODWIT - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 8th.

CURLEW - Winter flock of up to 30 on South Efford Marsh.

COMMON SANDPIPER - On 15th 1 on the rocks on 15th when also 3 on South Efford Marsh.

GREEN SANDPIPER - 1 on North Marsh at South Efford on 17th and 20th.

GREENSHANK -Max of 7 on South Efford Marsh on 21st.

REDSHANK - Max of 8 on South Efford Marsh on 21st.

TURNSTONE - Max of 11 on the rocks on 9th.

GREY PHALAROPE - 1 flew SE passed Bolt Tail on 10th.



POMARINE SKUA - Singles off Hope Cove on 1st and 16th.

ARCTIC SKUA - A total of 27 logged in the Bay on 1st, 3 on 3rd, 5 on 10th, 1 on 14th and 7 on 16th.

GREAT SKUA - Recorded on 4 days - singles on 3rd, 14th and 16th with 2 on 10th.

KITTIWAKE -Very good totals for the Bay of 150 on 1st and 135 on 4th.

BLACK HEADED GULL - Max in the Bay of 200 on 7th.

LITTLE GULL - An adult on South Efford Marsh on 15th.

MEDITERRANEAN GULL - A patch total of 19 on 1st with 15 on South Huish Marsh on 30th and 16 on 31st.

LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL - 70 sheltering from the gales on South Huish Marsh on 31st.

LITTLE TERN - 1 offshore at Hope on 1st.

BLACK TERN - 1 on South Huish Marsh briefly on 1st - only the second record at this site.

SANDWICH TERN - A total of 4 recorded on 1st included 1 with the BLACK TERN on South Huish Marsh.

COMMIC TERN - 3 in the Bay on 1st.



SWALLOW - A max of 270 moving South on 7th, with 90 on 14th.

HOUSE MARTIN - A total of 70 moving South on 14th.

SAND MARTIN - 5 at South Huish Marsh on 7th.

SKYLARK - Highest viz migration totals - 75 on 21st.  At Huxton Cross a flock of over 220 on 16th.

WOODLARK - 1 flew N over the Golf Course with 2 SKYLARK on 21st.

FIRECREST - 1 ringed at South Milton Ley on 15th and 1 near South Efford Marsh on 31st.

GOLDCREST - 5 at South Milton Ley on 5th, 3 at South Efford Marsh on 31st.

BLACK REDSTART - A male at Aveton Gifford on 24th and 29th.

WHINCHAT - Singles at South Huish Marsh on 3rd and 14th.

STONECHAT - Max of 4 at South Huish Marsh on 1st.

WHEATEAR - Only recorded on 3 days - singles at South Huish Marsh on 4th and 5th with 2 on 6th.

SPOTTED FLYCATCHER -1 in the Hotel grounds at Thurlestone on 3rd.


WARBLERS - Apart from Ringing report.

CETTIS WARBLER - 2 at South Milton Ley on 2nd.

CHIFFCHAFF -Up to 4 in a Thurlestone Garden on 1st, 6 at South Efford Marsh on 2nd and 5 on 3rd.

WILLOW WARBLER - 1 in a Thurlestone Garden on 3rd.

YELLOW BROWED WARBLER - 1 seen in a Thurlestone Garden by 2 different observers on 15th and 16th.



REDWING - Max were 10 over a Thurlestone Garden  on 20th.

MISTLE THRUSH - Singles at 3 sites at the beginning of the Marsh.

PIED WAGTAIL -Pre roost counts at South Huish Marsh of 75 on 5th and 200+ on 16th.

YELLOW WAGTAIL - A single female at South Huish Marsh on 2nd, 14th, 15th and 16th.



MEADOW PIPIT - Highest total was 145 over South Huish Marsh on 13th.

WATER PIPIT - 4 at South Efford Marsh on 21st.

SISKIN - A total of 10 flew north over the patch on 15th.

REDPOLL - 1 flew north on 21st.

YELLOWHAMMER - 2F  near South Milton Ley on 21st.

REED BUNTING - 2 on the footbridge on 6th.

CIRL BUNTING - A max of 8 in a local stubble field on 5th.

BULLFINCH - 6 at South Milton Ley on 15th.



Ringing Report - Only 2 ringing sessions undertaken due to the very poor weather conditions - totals.


MEADOW PIPIT        - 3

CETTIS WARBLER         - 2

BLACKCAP            - 3

CHIFFCHAFF            -13

GOLDCREST            - 6

FIRECREST            - 1


November has started with very heavy rain - South Huish Marsh is flooded and up to F10/11 gale force winds.  Expectations for a very  interesting month are high.