Thurlestone Bay Birds

June 2019


A mixed bag of weather - rain up to mid month.  E gales F8/9 On 27th and 28th did not produce any sea passage. Warm spell at the end of the month.


No new species added to the year list which remains at 168 (c/f 2018 - 175, 2017 - 185).  

104 species recorded this month (c/f 2018 -107, 2017 - 107).


Highlights for the month


MUTE SWAN - The pair on South Huish Marsh produced 1 cygnet -first seen on 5th.

 SHELDUCK - On River Avon on 21st , 8 ads plus a crèche of 18 ducklings.

TEAL - 2 Male on South Huish Marsh on 25th.

COMMON SCOTER - Only 2 records - 3 on  16th and 2 on 30th.



GANNET - Max Only 71 on 30th.

FULMAR - Max of 15 on 8th.

MANX SHEARWATER - A feeding flock of 300+ offshore on 21st. Max passage was 162 on 18th.

BALEARIC SHEARWATER - Recorded On 3 days -  2 on 5th and Singles on 18th and 25th.



MARSH HARRIER - A Male flew in off the sea at 07.30 on 23rd.

HOBBY -Singles Reported On 16th and 19th.

OSPREY - A visiting bird reported one over South Huish Marsh on 4th also I Reported over the Bay the next day.


WADERS - Only 3 species recorded.

LITTLE RINGED PLOVER - An adult on South Huish Marsh evening of 30th.

RINGED PLOVER - 2 on South Efford Marsh mid month.

GREY PLOVER - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 2nd. 

OYSTERCATCHER - Normally up to 10 on the rocks so a count of 39 on 23rd was exceptional .

SANDERLING - on the beach on 1st.

DUNLIN - On South Huish Marsh 3 on 2nd and 26th with 4 on 27th.

CURLEW - One flew NW on 18th.

GREEN SANDPIPER - 1 on South Efford Marsh on 26th.



ARCTIC SKUA - A dark phase flew SE  on 2nd.

MEDITERRANEAN GULL - first returning birds were 4 on 30th.

SANDWICH TERN -Max were 27 (flocks of 16, 15 and 4) on 28th.

COMMON TERN - 2 flew through on 5th.

PUFFIN - A single flew SE on 8th.



SWIFT - A total of 78 flew SE on 27th (highest count of the year).

SAND MARTIN - 4 at South Huish Marsh on 4th, 21 Along the banks of the River Avon on 21st.

SWALLOW - Not the number of birds at known nesting sites compared with previous years.

HOUSE MARTIN  - More Birds this year  - at least 20 around South Huish Marsh - Also Present At 4 other breeding sites.



CETTIS WARBLER - Singing males at 2 sites.

CHIFFCHAFF - Present At most sites throughout the patch

GARDEN WARBLER - One Present At Aveton Gifford  on 23rd.

WHITETHROAT -  At least 6 pairs around the patch.

REED WARBLER - South Milton Ley and South Huish Marsh still hold many pairs.

SEDGE WARBLER - Up to 20 pairs at South Milton Ley.

SPOTTED FLYCATCHER - 1 pair feeding young at Hatch Bridge, a few pairs still around Aveton Gifford parish.

BLACKCAP - Probably the commonest Warbler on the patch - lots of males in full song.



STONECHAT - At least 8 Juv’s s around the coast path and South Huish Marsh.

 YELLOW WAGTAIL - 2 at South Huish Marsh on 3rd.

 PIED WAGTAIL - Up to 20 Juv At South Huish Marsh.

GREY WAGTAIL - 1 pair feeding young along the tidal road.

CIRL BUNTING - Reported from 4 sites with 1 pair watched feeding young.

REED BUNTING - 2 pairs at South MIlton Ley and 1 at Thurlestone Marsh.

YELLOWHAMMER - Several males Along  the country lanes.


With return wader passage starting in July and possibility with the right conditions for some large SHEARWATERS this next month is always interesting.