CYPRUS TRIP 22nd-29th MARCH 2017   Flew from Bristol at 08.00 on 22nd March finally arriving at the King Evelthon Hotel near Pathos at 16.00   A walk along the Coast Path before dark produced a total of 19 species highlights being a flock of 65 CORMORANT flying NW, ROBIN, 2 NORTHERN WHEATEAR, 2 CETTIS WARBLER, SWALLOW, HOUSE MARTIN, SWIFT, BLACKCAP and plenty of CRESTED LARK.   Thursday 23rd March From the Hotel – HOOPOE, GREENFINCH, LESSER WHITETHROAT, SARDINIAN WARBLER took the total to 23. After an early breakfast, Graham and myself took a taxi to Pathos Headland to experience some superb Spring migration – 13 NIGHT HERON (24), GREAT TIT (25) 5 SARDINIAN WARBLER, 15+ CORN BUNTING (26) several LINNET (27)  2 male MASKED SHRIKE (28) GOLDFINCH (29) 50+ LESSER WHITETHROAT, WHITE WAGTAIL (30), 2 male SUB ALPINE WARBLER (31), 2 NORTHERN WHEATEAR, 2 MEADOW PIPIT (32), 1 NIGHTINGALE (33), STONECHAT (34), YELLOW WAGTAIL (35)  ROCK DOVE (36), 1 RED RUMPED SWALLOW (37), 1 male BLACK EARED WHEATEAR (38), 3 QUAIL (39), 1 male WOODCHAT SHRIKE (40), 1 male BLACK REDSTART (41) 1 male RUPPELLS WARBLER (42) 1 male REDSTART (43) 1 ALPINE SWIFT (44) 1 male CRETZSCHMARS BUNTING (45), 100+ CHIFFCHAFF. By the Harbour a fishing KINGFISHER (46)   A coastal path walk late afternoon by the Hotel – 2 SONG THRUSH (47), 1 TREE PIPIT (48) 5 LESSER B.BACKED GULL (49). 14 NIGHT HERON flew north west.   Friday 24th March From the Hotel calling BLACK FRANCOLIN (50) Picked up a battered 4 by 4 which we hired for 4 days, gave us this with 165.000 kilometres on the clock because we were likely to go off roading. First stop Agua Vivara – CHAFFINCH (51) SPARROWHAWK (52) SEDGE WARBLER (53) MAGPIE (54), FAN TAILED WARBLER (55) QUAIL, 1 STONE CURLEW (56) Next on to Anarita Park – 1 LITTLE OWL (57), 1 male ROCK THRUSH (58) CHUKAR (59) 2 BONELLI’S EAGLES (60) 4 JACKDAW (61) 1 male CYPRUS WHEATEAR (26) 2 male BLACK EARED WHEATEAR. Near Timi a flock of 50+ SPANISH SPARROW (63) After lunch returned to the Mandria area to witness one of the best spectacles of the trip – A flock of 60+ BLACK HEADED WAGTAIL (64) many feeding only a few feet from us, SERIN (65), 10 RED THROATED PIPIT (66) 1 JAY (67) 2 OLIVACEOUS WARBLER (68) 10 BLACKCAP.   A short visit to Pathos Sewage Works produced 2 CATTLE EGRET (69) 4 SPURWINGED PLOVER, 1 HOOPOE,1 female BLACK REDSTART, 1 male EASTERN REDSTART (70) 1 ALPINE SWIFT   Saturday 25th March A round trip of 220 miles to visit sites at the far eastern end of the island. First stop at a small reservoir (irrigation) at Aqua Vivara produced a GREEN SANDPIPER (71) 1 WOOD SANDPIPER (72) and in a bush at the side of the road the only GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO (73) of the trip. Near Larnaca a TURLTLE DOVE flew over (74) At Larnaca Airport Pools birds on the water, 2 GREY HERON (75) 1 female MARSH HARRIER (76) 5 STONE CURLEW, 1 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER (77). At the settling pools – 10 RUDDY SHELDUCK (78) MALLARD (79) 30+ SHOVELER (80) 20 TEAL (81) 4 BLACK WINGED STILT (82) 4 SPUR WINGED PLOVER, 4 COOT (83) 2 WIGEON (84) 2 BLACK NECKED GREBE  (85) 1 male GARGANEY (86) 1 SPOTTED REDSHANK (87) 1 REDSHANK (88) 2 GADWALL (89) 1 MARSH SANDPIPER (90) 2 GREENSHANK (91) 2 LITTLE STINT (92) 2 WOOD SANDPIPER, SKYLARK (93)   Near Spiros Pools – 1 ISABELLINE WHEATEAR (94) 1 KENTISH PLOVER (95) On Menou Pools – 2 RINGED PLOVER (96) 1 FLAMINGO (97) 4 SLENDER BILLED GULL (98) 2 BLACK HEADED GULL (99)   At Larnaca Salt Lak – 140+ FLAMINGO, 60+ BLACK WINGED STILT, 30+ SLENDER BILLED GULL.   Next stop OROKLINI MARSH – 100+ COOT, Lots of TEAL and SHOVELER, 8 GARGANEY,30+ RUFF (100, 3 LITTLE GREBE (101) 2 MOORHEN (102) 30+ CATTLE EGRET, 1 LITTLE EGRET (103) 2 FERRUGINOUS DUCK (104) 2 PINTAIL (105) 1 SNIPE (106) 1 BUZZARD (107)         Sunday 26th March A visit to the reservoir at Aqua Vivara where the GREEN and WOOD SANDPIPER still present. Next stop Aspro Dam – in the scrubland 2 WREN (108). On the water a GREAT CRESTED GREBE (109) and on the rocks a pair of BLUE ROCK THRUSH (110)   At Mandria no new additions but 15+ BLACKCAP, 20+ WHITE WAGTAIL, LESSER WHITETHROAT, REDSTART, SKYLARK, CHUKAR, 10+ RED THROATED PIPIT and 3 BLACK HEADED WAGTAIL.   Monday 27th March An hour’s drive to  Zakaki Marsh where CRAKES had been seen in recent days, still had 1 male GARGANEY, 3 FERRUEIJOUS DUCK, 12 TEAL, 1 LITTLE CRAKE (111) 1 WATER RAIL (112) 20 SWALLOW, 30 HOUSE MARTIN, 4 SWIFT,2 CETTIS WARBLER, 1 SEDGE WARBLER, 1 REED WARBLER (113) 1 MARSH HARRIER.   Along Lady’s mile around 100 RUFF 1 MARSH SANDPIPER, 2 KENTISH PLOVER, 6 FLAMINGO, 12 BLACK WINGED STILT, 1 RUPPELLS WARBLER, 5 WHEATEAR, BLACK FRANCOLIN and a road casualty BITTERN (114).   Near the Salt Lake visitor centre a CUCKOO (115) flew over.   On the Lake c 750+ FLAMINGO and a flock of 100+ SLENDER BILLED GULL. At the side of the Lake 2 GREAT WHITE EGRET (116) and 10+ LITTLE EGRET. On the way to Phassouri Reed Bed a HOOPOE, REED WARBLE, 2 female MARSH HARRIER and SERIN.   Returning to the Hotel decided to visit Secret Valley – which has an 18 hole Golf Course with a large irrigation lake.  Scanning the water’s edge found a stunning PIED KINGFISHER (117) not more than 30 yards away, watched for around 15 minutes also 2 TEAL, 1 HERON 1 LITTLE OWL, 1 HOOPOE and 5 CHUKAR.   At the Aqua Vivara reservoir 2 GREEN and 1 WOOD SANDPIPER, 1 BLACK EARED WHEATEAR and near the Hotel a HOOPOE.   Tuesday 28TH March Returned the hire car and then made our second visit to the Pathos Headlands Offshore on the rocks, CORMORANT, 4 LITTLE AND 1 CATTLE EGRET, In the gardens – 2 male ORTOLAN BUNTING (118) 2 male CRETZSCHMARS BUNTING, 2 SUB ALPINE WARBLER, 20+ LESSER WHITETHROAT, 2 COMMON WHITETHROAT (119) 1 BLACK REDSTART, 4 SARDINIAN WARBLER,6 WHEATEAR, 1 NIGHTINGALE, 1 m 1 f REDSTART, 1 ROBIN, 1 BLACKBIRD (120) 1 NIGHT HERON, many CHIFFCHAFF,3 HOOPOE, 1 m RUPPELLS WARBLER, 2 SPUR WINGED PLOVER.   On the seaweed mound a COMMON SANDPIPER (121)   An hours walk at 17.00 to the little stream along the coast path paid handsome dividends – both WATER RAIL and a BAILLONS CRAKE (122) seen, also a male CYPRUS WARBLER (123) 1 REED WARBLER, 6 HOOPOE, 7 BLACK HEADED WAGTAIL, 5 WHITE WAGTAIL, 1 WHEATEAR   Wednesday 29th March With a late evening flight managed 2 more walks to the small stream – 7 WHEATEAR, 1 ISABELLINE WHEATEAR, 3 LESSER WHITETHROAT, 2 male SPANISH SPARROW, CHIFFCHAFF, 1 male WOODCHAT SHRIKE, and a male ORPHEAN WARBLER (124) Earlier we heard a CURLEW (125) flying over calling.   Superb weeks birding, Hotel was first class (5*) good food and wine and above all good company with Graham and Daphne Daw, Anne and myself. Apart from the Car Hire the cost came to £510 per person very good value, car hire and fuel, another £210. A total of 125 species included 7 life ticks for me – ROCK THRUSH, EASTERN REDSTART, RUPPELLS WARBLER, MASKED SHIRKE, PIED KINGFISHER, BAILLONS CRAKE and ORPHEAN WARBLER (WESTERN)   We will be returning to this fantastic island for more.


16TH- 23RD MARCH 2016


Another spring visit to one of my favourite islands, staying once again at St. Georges Hotel just outside Paphos.   This time Anne and myself were joined by Graham and Daphne Daw.

Car hired for 4 days from Europecar, not too expensive  although insurance costs higher now for anyone over 70.

This was to be a holiday which incorporated some birdwatching trips to a number of sites.

During our 7 day stay weather was sunny for most of the week and compared with back home felt warm.


Flight from Exeter very good arriving in Paphos at 16.00 (local time) extra security precautions at the airport meant it was 18.00 before the transfer bus departed.


Thursday 17th March

A walk along the coast by the Hotel before and after lunch quite productive –  7 NIGHT HERON drifting north, flock of 30  CORMORANT flew north, 2 male ROCK THRUSH, 2 HOOPOE, 2 SARDINIAN WARBLER, 1 BLACKCAP, 10 WHITE WAGTAIL, 5 CRESTED LARK.

Amongst a mixed flock of c100 HOUSE AND SPANISH SPARROW found 2 ROCK SPARROW (large bill with pinkish lower mandible and pale supercillium.

Species list totalled 27


Friday 18th March

Car delivered to the Hotel by 9.00 a.m., first visit was to Mavrokolympas Dam – unfortunately the road has been closed about a mile from the Dam due to rock falls.   Still managed to find LESSER KESTREL, CETTIS WARBLER and CYPRUS WARBLER.

Next stop was the village of Agia Varvara –  along the dried up rive r bed are some irrigation pools which attract a number of birds.   Lots of HIRUNDINES moving through including 6 RED RUMPED SWALLOW.    In the fields a flock of 30+ SERIN, 8 CORN BUNTING, 5 FAN TAILED WARBLER, RED THROATED PIPIT, 2 CRETZ BUNTING , 2 SONG THRUSH and a JAY.   Flushed from one of the pools 2 JACK SNIPE.    

Drove on to Anarrita Park where in just over an hour had very good views of – 2m CRETZ BUNTING, 2 NORTHERN WHEATEAR, 1m BLACK EARED WHEATEAR, 2 CYPRUS WHEATEAR, 2 BLUE ROCK THRUSH, CHIFFCHAFF, ORPHEAN WARBLER, CYPRUS WARBER, STONECHAT, CHUKER, 10+ CORN BUNTING.   Overhead 2 SWIFT.    A QUAIL was calling.


Next stop Mandria and the famous Lark Corner, not as many birds as we had expected – 7 NORTHERN WHEATER, 2 ISABELLINE WHEATEAR, many CRESTED LARKS, 2 SKYLARK, COMMON BUZZARD.    A flock of 10 YELLOW WAGTAIL flew through.   A LAPWING landed in a ploughed field – whilst looking at it a STONE CURLEW came into view.

Species list total 55


Saturday 19th March

Spent the morning in the archeological site on the Paphos Headland where there were a number of birders from the Cyprus Birdwatch Society – we managed to miss the roosting SHORT-EARED  OWL and the RUPPELS WARBLER!  But we did find – GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO in  a bush, later seen in flight.   2 ORPHEAN WARBLER several SARDINIAN WARBLER, 1 LESSER WHITETHROAT, WILLOW WARBLER, 2 m CRETZ BUNTING, 2 HOOPOE, 4 LITTLE EGRET and 2 GREY HERON flew over.   Both ISABELLINE and NORTHERN WHEATEAR, 2 BLACK REDSTART.

A large flock of 100+ SPANNISH SPARROW..

Drove up to the port of Latchi for a relaxing lunch – KINGFISHER amongst the Yachts.   At Aphrodites Pool, 2 BLACKBIRD, 2 SONG THRUSH, BLACKCAP and a ROCK DOVE.

On the return journey stopped at Theletra, a large mixed flock over 250 FI NCHES included at least 150 SERIN, many in full summer plumage.

Species list total 65


Sunday 20th March

Covered over 200 miles with a visit to of the main sites at the eastern end of the island and near Limassol.

Long drive started well with Graham finding a BLACK FRANCOLIN on a rock in a field.

First stop Zakaki Marsh – only a small area of the main pool can be seen due to the

extensive reed beds – on view a FLAMINGO, LITTLE EGRET, COOT, MOORHEN, LITTLE GREBE, REED AND SEDGE WARBLER  (we arrived about 30 minutes after a female LITTLE CRAKE, WATER RAIL and a fly through PALLID HARRIER had been seen)

On a nearby pool and along Lady’s Mile waders were – 6 BLACK WINGED STILT, 1 BLACK TAILED GODWIT, 3 REDSHANK, 4 LITTLE STINT, 10 KENTISH PLOVER and a very nice GREATER SAND PLOVER (in partial summer plumage)


Another hours drive found us arriving at the Larnaca Airport Pools viewed from an elevated hide – here were 100s of DUCK, GREBES and WADERS – SHOVELER, PINTAIL, TEAL, MALLARD, 3 RED CRESTED POCHARD, 3 BLACK NECKED GREBE, 50+ LITTLE GREBE, several hundred COOT, 8 SPUR WINGED PLOVER, 1 GREEN SANDPIPER, REDSHANK, 2 RUFF, a female MARSH HARRIER over and 2 Ad ARMENIAN GULL.   In a nearly bush a WHITETHROAT.   Just to make us  feel at home a RUDDY SHELDUCK.

On a nearby pool our first LITTLE RINGED PLOVER.   Driving away from the area noticed 2 BLACKHEADED GULL on a pool by the roadside, further scanning of the pool produced one of the highlights of the week, 80+ BLACK HEADED GULL, 40+ SLENDER BILLED GULL, 2Ad MEDETERRANEAN GULL.


Whilst eating lunch at a nearby restaurant 3 SANDWICH TERN flew past.

Another 30 minutes drive to one of the sites which had been developed with European funds – Oroklini Marsh viewed from 2 hides – contained several hundred SHOVELER, 2 GARGANEY, 3 RED CRESTED POCHARD, PINTAIL, TEAL, 3 CATTLE EGRET, 1 GREY HERON, 2 BLACKTAILED GODWIT, REDSHANK, 5 LITTLE RINGED PLOVER and a COMMON SANDPIPER.

Species list up to 101.


Monday 21st March

Last day with the car.   Whilst the ladies sunbathed Graham and I paid a return visit to Paphos Headland although no new additions being able to have good views of migrant birds still provided a great morning -  5 CRESTED LARK, 10 SARDINIAN WARBLER, 2 WHITETHROAT, 1 HOOPOE, 3 WHEATEAR, 1 ISABELLINE WHEATEAR, 3 BLACK REDSTART, 1 CYPRUS WHEATEAR, 1 STONECHAT, 6 WHITE WAGTAIL, 2 RED RUMPED SWALLOW flew through with lots of SWALLOW and HOUSE MARTIN.

After lunch another visit to Lark Corner at Mandria – very quiet apart from 2 CHUKER, 2 BLACK FRANCOLIN and a female MARSH HARRIER.

A decision had to be made of which site to finish the afternoon at correct call made to go to Aspro Dam – immediately from the dam wall a male BLACK EARED WHEATEAR, 2 BLACK REDSTART and a BLACK HEADED WAGTAIL.  At 15.30 a passage of HIRUNDINES and SWIFTS flew north – 5 ALPINE SWIFT, 30+ SWIFTS, 2 RED RUMPED SWALLOW plus 100+ SWALLOW and HOUSE MARTIN.   Finally following the SWIFTS, 2 LONG LEGGED BUZ\ZARD flew over.

Quick stop at Paphos Sewage Works on the way back to the Hotel, 3 CATTLE EGRET, BLACK FRANCOLIN, both BUZZARD and LONG LEGGED BUZZARD, whilst overhead more SWIFTS and 4 RED RUMPED SWALLOW .

Species list 104



Tuesday 22nd March

Spent the day relaxing round the pool – an afternoon 4 mile walk along the coast failed to provide any additional highlights.


A great few days birding with a good range of species and some nice surprises, a total of 104 species was very credible.


Not only was the birdwatching good, we enjoyed some very nice evening meals with good wine and afterwards the entertainment over a few nightcaps and good company.





Mon 25th Feb

Last day with the car - overcast and cool breeze.
First stop Asprokremmos dam - again the area around the car park was good, 3 Woodllark, 2 Serin, 2 Corn Bunting, 50+ Chaffinch, 10 Goldfinch, 2 Chiffchaff, 4 Common Buzzard overhead could have been migrants

At Mandria drove to the small picnic site near the rocks, a 1st W Isabelline Wheatear (92) was picked up on the scrubland. Next stop Lark corner where a recently ploughed field held over 60 larks and pipits consisting of 15 Short-toed Larks (93) 30 Skylark, 15 Crested Lark, 6 Red-Throated Pipit and some Meadow Pipit. Another Buzzard on a post.
After lunch final visit to Paphos Headland where 3 Greater Sand Plover (2 now in sp) 24 Golden Plover, 6 Swallow, 4 CornBunting, 1 Cormorant and1 Shag. Looks likely that the species list is going to total (93) considering have'nt been up to Troodos and lack of waders on Lady's Mile /Zakaki Marsh still quiet a reasonable total.

Sunday 24th Feb

Spent the morning round the pool, at 13.30 signs of viz mig Cyprus style - a flock of 35 Cormorant (all with Grey/White streaky heads) heading NE.
Later in the afternoon two more flocks -50+ and 20, a total of 105. We probably have'nt seen more than 10 in 2 weeks!
Along the coast at least 14 Stonechat counted.

Saturday 23rd Feb

Decided to drive up to Latchi - thick cloud and showers on the plateau. Stopped off at the Pykni picnic site - thick scrub and trees. An hour here proved very worthwhile - large movement of finches at least 75 Greenfinch,30 Greenfinch, 30 Chaffinch, 10 Goldfinch and 4 Robin. Walking through the scrub flushed 3 Sardinian Warbler, 2 Cyprus Warbler, (88)
1 male Blackbird (89) 3 Song Thrush (90) 1 Blackcap, 1 Chiffchaff and probably the biggest surprise of the trip - a Woodcock (91) which unfortunately had died a few hours ago flying into a wire mesh fence.
At Latchi only 5 House Martin were worth noting.
 After a couple of non-birding days -although we did manage to pickup at Asprokremmos Dam, 2 Spannish Sparrow (77) and at Choletra a superb male Pallid Harrier (78) with a Peregrine (79) near Coral Bay.

Drove this morning to the Akrotiri area and one of my favourite sites - Zakaki Marsh with Lady Mile Beach - what a disappointment the marsh completely over grown, could not find anywhere to see into it and not one wader on the whole of Lady's Mile. Female Hen Harrier and Marsh Harrier were compensation.

Next stop Akrotiri Salt Lake, this time I managed to locate the Field society building which provides a lot of information and newly refurbished balcony hide complete with a Leica scope with 20 - 60 x eyepiece. This enabled me to spend an hour looking over the large area of water, 300+ Flamingo feeding one corner, scanning the fringes produced 1 Great Crested Grebe (80) singles of Great White Egret (81) Little Egret (82) 4 Grey Heron, 7Pintail finally 3 Common Crane (83).

Bishops Pool is nearby - on the water were 3 Ferruginous Duck (84). 3 female Pochard (85) 1 male Pintail, 15+ Little Grebe, 1 Green sandpiper (86).
Final visit was to Phassouri Reedbeds - Amongst a flock of over 100Hirundines were at least 20 Sand Martin (87) also 11 Cattle Egret 30+ Teal, 5 Snipe and a female Marsh Harrier.

Having now visited all the sites on my list now will try and make trips to the local areas to see if any early migrants are arriving - mind you with flocks of Swallow, House Martin in February what more can I ask for.

Tuesday 19th Feb

Today off for a 150 mile drive to the east of the island - first stop Larnaca Salt Lakes where there were c1500 Flamingo (53) 700+ Shoveler (54) 500+ Shelduck (55) a small flock of Dunlin (56) Spurwinged Plover, 1 Redshank (57). Amongst 100+ Blackheaded Gull (58) were a flock of 20+ Slender Billed Gull (59) some coming into summer plumage providing views down to 30 ft sat feeding on the lake.
A quick visit to the Larnaca airport settling pools - thankfully the hide is a height of 30 ft to give a panoramic view - here were 500+ Teal (60) 15 Coot (61) 35 LittleGrebe (62) 1 Black necked Grebe (63) sp., 10 Mallard (64) 5 Shoveler , 8Cormorant , amongst the mixed flock of 150+ Gulls was 1 Armenian Gull (65) .
In the fields were 50+ Crested Lark, some Skylark, Meadow Pipit , Stonechat, 5 Fan Tailed Warbler, Calandra Lark (66) another male Black Redstart, 5 Swallow. On the beach were 4 Greater Sand Plover in sp.

Next stop was Oroklini Marsh where I met Roy Mason who has spent 12 years of almost daily visits to this superb site, covers an area of about 3 times the size of South Huish Marsh and also has only a few good points from which to view. Needless to say we exchanged e.mail and web site addresses.
Although the water levels were high there was a good range of birds on view -
8 Blackwinged Stilt (67) , 6 Spur Winged Plover.
1 Greenshank(68) 50+ Snipe (69) c 50 Shoveler, 15 Pintail (70) 100's of Coot, 15 Moorhen (71) 2 Grey Heron (72) 6 Little Grebe, 1 male Red Crested Pochard (73) , A pair of Marsh Harrier (74) created there own havoc. An adult Little Gull (75) was over one of the marshes. Overhead a heavy shower produced a mixed flock of 70+ Swallow and House Martin.
When we arrived there were 15 Cattle Egret (76) by the time we left at 16.15 the roost had grown to 70 birds..
Even though it was a 2 hour drive back to Paphos the superb days birding made it really worthwhile.

A celebratory glass of wine (or 2) was thoroughly deserved especially for Anne!!


Mon 18th Feb
A drive up to Latchi on the north coast -on route there is a picnic site which is after a long climb - here additions to the trip list were Woodlark (42) Blackcap (43) Siskin (44) at least 6 Sardinian Warblers, Stonechats a, Robin and Finches.
Sight of raptors meant finding a suitable spot to stop. - first a male Hen Harrier (45) then a cracking Long Legged Buzzard (46) followed a few minutes later by a Bonnellis Eagle (47).
at the Baths of Aphrodite they have built a bird hide overlooking a valley - plenty of Blackcap, Sardinian Warbler, Cettis Warbler and a Wren (48)
A walk round Latchi found a flock of 40+ Jackdaw (49) 3 Yellow Legged Gull and a big surprise sat on some rocks 3 Audoins Gull (50) a first for Cyprus for me.

On our return drive stopped off at Evretou Dam - up to 6 Chukar a male Black Redstart another Bonnellis Eagle and 2 Common Buzzard (51).
Over the Elysium car park 4 Swallow and 3 House Martin (52)

Sunday 17th Feb 2013

Hire car arrived this morning so we can now visit some of the more interesting sites further afield.
Today was the first complete sunny day - prior to this sunny spells with showers a and some F7 WNW winds .

Drove to Asprokremmos dam - have never before it so full even the locals had turned out to photo the water cascading down the overflow falls.

No duck/gulls on the water - Sunday is as hunting day.
On one of the paths through the trees as very nice haw finch (30) drinking from a pool also at least 10 chiffchaff moving through, lots of chaffinch (31), 2 chukar (32) disturbed by the shooting.

A drive round the fields at Mandria only added black francolin (33) .

Next stop paphos sewerage works here were 75 serin (34) 1 robin (35) 6 magpie (36) 2 spur winged plover (37), sparrow hawk (38) celtics warbler (39) .

Just outside paphos a lone swallow (40) and finally a flock of 70 starling (41).

Sat 16th Feb 2013.

Another walk to paphos only 30 golden plover, 1 male black red start, 30 crested lark and a common sandpiper (29)

Friday 15th Feb 2013.
In the hotel grounds were great tit, grey wagtail. 2 black red starts, Sardinia warbler - species 28