Another month with significant rainfall particularly in the last 10 days resulting in some flooding of both Marshes.

Some Autumnal gales at the beginning of the month with predominately Easterly winds in the last 10 days.

4 new birds for the year - EIDER, SURF SCOTER, HEN HARRIER and BRENT GOOSE - Paled Bellied taking the total of 123 species record this month (c/f 2018 -115, 2017 - 202) A total of 123 species record this month (c/f 2018 - 115, 2017 - 111).




BLACK SWAN - presumably same bird as earlier in the year, returned with a pair of MUTE SWAN on 8th, there on 31st.

BRENT GOOSE -DB. - 2 reported at South Efford Marsh on 17th.

BRENT GOOSE - PB - 2 on South Huish Marsh from 18th until end of month.

SHELDUCK - 3 flew SE on 26th.

WIGEON - flock increased at South Huish Marsh to a max of 75 on 21st.  

Over 70 on South Efford Marsh from 16th.

TEAL - On South Huish Marsh a max of 75 on 20th, whilst at South Efford Marsh a max of 100 on 24th.

SHOVELER - 3 on South Huish Marsh on 2nd.

EIDER - 2 female flew SE on 10th

COMMON SCOTER - A max of only 15 on 18th.

SURF SCOTER - A male flew NW on 8th with a male COMMON SCOTER for easy comparison.  Believed to be a patch first.

GOOSANDER - 2 female on River Avon by the bridge on 21st.

RED THROATED DIVER - Recorded on 6 days with 2 on 8th and 3 on 29th otherwise all singles.

BLACK THROATED DIVER - 1 flew SE on 17th.

GREAT NORTHERN DIVER - Recorded on 9 days - 2 on 6th, 10th, 21st and 22nd otherwise all singles.

LITTLE GREBE - Present on South Huish Marsh all month with 2 on 8th.

GREAT CRESTED GREBE - 1 in the Bay on 15th.



GANNET - Highest feeding flock was 510 on 21st.

FULMAR - First returning birds were singles on 22nd and 26th.

MANX SHEARWATER - 1 flew SE on 20th.

BALEARIC SHEARWATER  - 2 on the sea on 15th before flying off SE.

CATTLE EGRET - 1 at South Efford Marsh on 9th.



MARSH HARRIER - A  2cy female at South Huish Marsh on 1st, 3rd and 4th.

HEN HARRIER - A ringtail over North Marsh at Aveton Gifford on 5th.

MERLIN - 1 over South Huish Marsh on 3rd.

SHORT EARED OWL - 1 over South Huish Marsh early morning of 4th.

WADERS - 15 species recorded. 

OYSTERCATCHER - A max of 24 feeding on Golf Course on 4th with a further 14 on South Huish Marsh on 4th.

RINGED PLOVER - A max of 13 on the rocks/marsh on 30th.

GREY PLOVER - 2 single flew SE on 30th.

LAPWING - A flock of 42 over South Efford Marsh on 27th

KNOT - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 26th.

SANDERLING -3 on the rocks on 1st.

DUNLIN - A max of 9 on South Huish Marsh on 30th.

JACK SNIPE - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 1st, 4 flushed at South Milton Ley on 20th.

SNIPE - A max of 19 on 28th on South Huish Marsh.

BLACK TAILED GODWIT -  present throughout the month with a max of 12 at South Huish Marsh on 30th.

CURLEW -flock of 22 on South Efford Marsh throughout the month.

COMMON SANDPIPER - 1 on River Avon on 5th.

GREENSHANK - A max of 5 at South Efford Marsh on 5th.

REDSHANK - A max of 6 at South Efford Marsh on 5th.  At South Huish Marsh a single fro 26th to 30th.

TURNSTONE - Present throughout with a max of 16 on 29th.


GULLS and TERNS - Some large flocks of GULLS feeding offshore.

HERRING GULL - 700 on 21st increased to over 1400 on 25th.

BLACK HEADED GULL - A total of 550 on 25th.

MEDITERRANEAN GULL - Highest totals on South Huish Marsh - 18 on 1st and 7 on 22nd.

KITTIWAKE - 130 flew SE during the morning of 19th.

COMMON GULL - 4 on South Huish Marsh on 7th

LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL - Max of 30 on the Marsh on 1st.

YELLOW LEGGED GULL - 1 first winter on the Marsh on 6th.

CASPIAN GULL - 1 first winter on the Marsh on 20th.

SANDWICH TERN - 1 fishing in the Bay on 30th (latest over patch record).

AUKS - Good passage counts towards the end of the month - 320 flew SE in 40 mins on 19th and a max of 390 on 22nd.



GOLDCREST - 5 at South Milton Ley on 17th - A total of 18 ringed on 6th and 19th.

FIRECREST - Singles on 4th, 12th and 17th - Ringing at South MIlton Ley 3 on 6th and a day record of 9 on 19th.

SWALLOW - Unusually 2 records - 5 at South Huish Marsh on 3rd and a single on 24th.

CETTIS WARBLER - 1 ringed at South Milton Ley on 19th with up to 3 calling all month.

CHIFFCHAFF -Regularly up to 20 at South Milton Ley with 10 ringed on 6th and 21 on 19th.

SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF - Singles on 12th and 24th..

YELLOW BROWED WARBLER - A report of a single bird in the bushes near the Golf Club on 2nd.

WHEATEAR- Last Autumn record - a single at South Huish Marsh on 10th.

BLACK REDSTART - Single females in a Thurlestone Garden on 4th, 5th and 21st.



REDWING - A max of 25 at South Milton Ley on 19th.

SONG THRUSH - A count of at least 15 around South Efford Marsh on 3rd were obvious migrants.

WATER PIPIT - Singles from 3rd on both South Efford Marsh (max of 2 on 15th) and South Huish Marsh.

REED BUNTING - 5 at South Milton Ley on 24th, ringed at that site were 3 on 6th and 1 on 19th.


As we come towards the end of another interesting year on the patch again over 200 Species recorded (3 additions already by the 5th December ) showing how interesting local parch birding can be.