THURLESTONE BAY BIRDS APRIL 2019 Spring migration this year has been poor compared with previous years as evidenced by the number of species recorded, even with some particularly good Easterly winds which prevailed for longer than usual. 21 species added for the year (usually more than 30) - unexpected were:  BLACK NECKED GREBE, GARGANEY, AVOCET, OSPREY, HOBBY, SHORT EARED OWL - took the year total to 160 (c/f 2018 -169, 2017 - 174) Only 129 species recorded (c/f 2018 - 139, 2017 - 143) Highlights DUCKS and GREBES SHELDUCK - Max of 25 on 10th. GADWALL - 6 on the sea on 15th. TEAL - Max of 20 on 2nd. GARGANEY - Only 1 Record 2 on the sea With the GADWALL on 13th. COMMON SCOTER - Only 1 good passage days when 250 logged on 9th. BLACK NECKED GREBE - Only second record in 15+ years 1 on the sea on 16th.GREAT  CRESTED GREBE - 2 on the sea briefly on 13th. GANNET, SHEARWATERS and DIVERS GANNET - 3 days of good passage - 425 on 5th, 400 o. 6th and 612 on 8th FULMAR - Max of 13 on 14th.  MANX SHEARWATER - First of the year - a single on 1st, best passage 255 on 23rd. RED THROATED DIVER - A total of 18 recorded on 9 days - max 4 on 5th and 8th. BLACK THROATED DIVER - A total of 26 recorded on 7 days with a record day count of 12 on 8th. GREAT NORTHERN DIVER - A total of 15 recorded on 10 days a max of 4 on 4th. EGRETS CATTLE EGRET - 2 on South Huish Marsh evening of 18th. RAPTORS RED KITE - 3 drifted over South Huish Marsh on 3rd. OSPREY - 1 in off the sea over Hope Cove on 8th. HOBBY - 1 over South Milton Ley on 14th. SHORT EARED OWL - 1 over South Milton road on 4th. WADERS - Only 17 species recorded - totals for individual species very low. OYSTERCATCHER-A max of only 10. LITTLE RINGED PLOVER - Single bird on South Huish Marsh on 1st, 3rd - 5th and 17th. RINGED PLOVER - A max of 10 on 15th. GREY PLOVER - 1 on South Huish Marsh evening of 16th. SANDERLING  - A single bird on 19th. DUNLIN - Only Recorded On 2days - 1 on 12th, 3 on 15th. RUFF - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 1st. AVOCET - 1 on South Huish Marsh all day on 2nd. SNIPE - 3 on 2nd last record. BLACK TAILED GODWIT -  flock of up to 33 on South Huish Marsh. BAR TAILED GODWIT. -passage from 14th a max of 137 on 22nd with 59 on 23rd through the Bay. WHIMBREL- first a single on 5th, Recorded daily from 15th with a max of 150+ on South Huish Marsh evening of 17th. CURLEW - 3 roosted on South Huish Marsh on 23rd. GREEN SANDPIPER - 1 on South Efford Marsh on 20th. GREENSHANK - Max of 7 on South Efford Marsh on 20th. REDSHANK - Max of 3 on South Efford Marsh on 20th. TURNSTONE - Only 1 Record - a single on the rocks on 11th. SKUA and TERNS ARCTIC SKUA - Single on 19th with 2 on 16th. GREAT SKUA - Recorded on 7 days with a max of 4 on 8th - total logged only 13. SANDWICH TERN - largest passage - 64 in 15th with 43 on 5th and 43 on 18th. COMMON TERN - only 2 records - 4 on 7th and 1 on 16th. ARCTIC TERN - Recorded on 3 days - singles on 10th and 13th with 2 on 25th. LITTLE TERN - 1 in the Bay on 23rd. AUKS RAZORMOT - Good Numbers through the Bay on several days. PUFFIN - 2 Flew SE on 25th. SWIFT and HIRUNDINES - Generally very poor passage. SWIFT - 1 on 18th and 2 on 22nd only records. SWALLOW - Only count above 50 was 185 on 16th. HOUSE MARTIN - 20 on 15th only decent count. SAND MARTIN - A max of only 30 on 18th. WARBLERS CETTIS WARBLER - 3 at South Milton Ley regularly. CHIFFCHAFF - A max of 9 ringed on 9th, recorded fro at latest 10 sites. WILLOW WARBLER - influx on 9th when 19 ringed at South Milton Ley. BLACKCAP - 11 ringed on 9th and 12 on 17th. WHITETHROAT - first was 1 in 9th at South Efford Marsh, up to 4 on the coast from 19th. GROPPA - first a single at South Huish Marsh on 19th with 3 on 20th at South MIlton Ley. SEDGE WARBLER - first at South Milton Ley on 17th with 8 on 20th. REED WARBLER - first at South Milton Ley on 19th. Miscellaneous  WHEATEAR - Very few recorded, a max of 2 on 1st and 18th at South Huish Marsh. YELLOW WAGTAIL - At South Huish Marsh a F on 23rd and a M on 25th. WATER PIPIT - 3 at South Huish Marsh on 1st were already into summer plumage, Hopefully Spring passage will finally get going during May.