THURLESTONE BAY BIRDS JULY 2019 A month of settled weather until 30th with overnight E gales back to F7 WNW producing best seawatching for weeks.   Spell of warm weather 20th - 28th.   Thunderstorms overnight 24th. Only wet days 19th, 30th and 31st. 4 new species for the year - STORM PETREL, SOOTY SHEARWATER, PECTORAL SANDPIPER, WOOD SANDPIPER, taking the total to 172 (c/f 2018 - 181, 2017 - 188). 113 species recorded during the month (c/f 2018 -110, 2017 - 113) surprising the joint highest count in the last 9 years.  Was a very quiet month until the last 3 days when 11 species added. Main Highlights DUCKS TEAL - First returning bird on South Huish Marsh was 1 on 18th with 2 from 22nd to 31st. SHELDUCK - On South Efford Marsh on 16th 4 Ad with 16 Ducklings. COMMON SCOTER - Recorded on 5 days with a max of 34 on 19th. FULMAR, SHEARWATER, PETREL, GANNET and RAILS FULMAR - Max 6 on 31st. SOOTY SHEARWATER - 1 flew SE at 09.20 on 30th BALEARIC SHEARWATER - Singles on 3rd and 30th. MANX SHEARWATER - Max were 58 on 3rd, 56 on 14th with 40 on 30th. STORM PETREL - Single across the Bay on 14th and 18th. GANNET - Largest totals - 275 on 27th and 615 on 30th WATER RAIL - first returning bird was on South Milton Ley on 29th. WADERS - 15 species recorded OYSTERCATCHER - Max of 14 on several dates. LITTLE RINGED PLOVER - On South Huish Marsh Singles on 1st and 8th with 1 on South Efford Marsh on 10th. RINGED PLOVER - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 30th.with 2 on 31st SANDERLING - 2 on the beach on 31st. DUNLIN - Highest counts at South Efford Marsh 6 on 8th On South Huish Marsh 10 on 19th and 8 on 25th. BLACK TAILED GODWIT - Only Record 1 on South Efford Marsh on 24th. WHIMBREL - First returning bird on South Efford Marsh a single on 7th, Max 4 on the beach on 31st. CURLEW - Flock On South Efford Marsh increased from 3 on 8th to a max of 33 on 27th. COMMON SANDPIPER - Single on the rocks on several dates with a max of 4 on 26th.   On South Efford Marsh 2 on17th and 27th. GREEN SANDPIPER - Single on South Huish Marsh on 30th and 31st. WOOD SANDPIPER - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 26th. GREENSHANK - 2 on South Efford Marsh on 7th - 10th and 20th. REDSHANK - First returning bird 1 on South Efford Marsh on 2nd. TURNSTONE - 1 on the beach/rocks on 31st looking superb in Summer plumage. PECTORAL SANDPIPER - 1 Reported briefly on South Huish Marsh on 14th. SKUA, GULLS and TERNS ARCTIC SKUA - 2 in the Bay on 30th and 1 on 31st. POMARINE SKUA - A probable flew across the Bay on 30th. KITTIWAKE - Max 6 on 31st. BLACK HEADED GULL - Max were 110 on both 20th and 25th. MEDITERRANEAN GULL - Max 11 on 24th. YELLOW LEGGED GULL - A Juv on the rocks on 29th. SANDWICH TERN - 2 on 1st and 1 on 30th only records. COMMIC TERN - 5 flew across the Bay on 30th. HIRUNDINES and SWIFT SAND MARTIN - Max at South Huish Marsh 10 on 15th. HOUSE MARTIN - Max at South Huish Marsh 60+ on 26th. SWALLOW - At South Huish Marsh 120 on 24th , Roost Over Thurlestone Marsh 900+ on 12th. SWIFT - Max totals 62 on 12th, 50+ on 24th. WARBLERS - 8 species recorded - All Ringing At South MIlton Ley. CHIFFY - Up to a max of 7 in garden - A total of 86 Ringed in 5 sessions. WILLOW WARBLER - 11 ringed. BLACKCAP - Up to 5 in a local garden, 15 ringed. GARDEN WARBLER - 1 at Aveton Gifford on 2nd. WHITETHROAT - Juveniles Reported on 4 sites. SEDGE WARBLER - 39 ringed. REED WARBLER - 60 ringed. SPOTTED FLYCATCHER Breeding confirmed at 3 sites with 5 fully fledged juveniles. Miscellaneous REED BUNTING - Recorded At 2 sites YELLOWHAMMER - Recorded At 3 sites. STONECHAT - At least 10 juveniles around the Marsh and Coast Path. BARN OWL - Recorded At 2 sites. August is always a month to look forward to with hopefully some good Wader and Sea Passage.