JUNE 2013


At last a month with below average rainfall but summer temperatures were few and far between.   Only 1 day of strong winds 13th W 7/8 winds from the west dominated.


Monthly total of species recorded was only 98 (c/f 102-2012) however two main reasons – Bob was in Thailand from 3rd so no ringing undertaken and I was in France until 9th.

3 new species for the year were recorded – PUFFIN, SOOTY SHEARWATER, SHORT EARED OWL.

A very interesting ringing recovery included in the brief ringing report.


Significant sightings for the month:


MUTE SWAN – 3 cygnets on Thurlestone Marsh now growing quickly.



SHELDUCK – 2 pairs have bred – one with 8 almost fully fledged young and another with 4.   This is probably the largest total that will fledge for a number of years.

MALLARD – second broods continue to hatch but like the first broods very few get beyond the first week.

TEAL - first returning bird a female on 10th, 4 flew in the Bay on 22nd.

GARGANEY – AJL had a female briefly on 4th.

COMMON SCOTER – 3 on 13th, 20 on 17th and a remarkable 75 on 26th.



MANX SHEARWATER – 3 figure totals on 4 days – 522 on 13th, 345 on 24th, 101 on 24th and 115 on 30th.

SOOTY SHEARWATER – an early record – one found resting on the sea before flying off west on 24th.

GANNET – Good totals of 300+ on10th and 295 on 22nd – seen daily.

FULMAR – another seen almost daily – max 27 on 13th.

KITTIWAKE – max passage 22 on 13th.



SANDWICH TERN – only recorded with singles on 2 days and 2 on 19th.


SKUAS – A total of 20 records covering 3 species.

POMARINE SKUA – An adult flew east on 11th.

ARCTIC SKUA – Singles on 3 days, 5 on 13th and a max of 8 on 11th.

GREAT SKUA – 3 flew east on 13th.



OYSTERCATCHER – Max 22 on 26th.

SANDERLING – 4 on 12th.

DUNLIN – 1 on 14th and 3 on 30th.

BLACK-TAILED GODWIT – 1 in non-breeding plumage from 10th to 29th. Joined by another from 14th – 19th.

WHIMBREL – max 4 on 11th, last migrants 2 on 13th.

CURLEW – first returning birds 2 over Thurlestone Marsh late evening of 30th.

TURNSTONE – AJL had the only record a single on 18th.



MEDITERRANEAN GULL – first passage birds 2 – 1st summer on 14th and an adult on 21st.

BLACK HEADED GULL – recorded 3 days at the end of the month.



Small numbers of GUILLEMOT and RAZORBILL all month.   2 PUFFIN flew east early on 13th.



A Barn owl watched hunting over the Golf Course at 19.00 on 3rd.

SHORT EARED OWL – A surprising summer record (one was reported from nearby Bolt Tail) of one feeding over fields behind the Church on the afternoon of 13th.


HIRUNDINES – By the end of the month juveniles starting to feed over the marshes max counts –

SWALLOW – 45 on 23rd and then on 30th first roost – 120 at 20.45.

HOUSE MARTIN – 50+ on 23rd.

SAND MARTIN – first retiring migrants (none breed locally) 2 on 28th.

SWIFT -30 on 23rd.



WHITETHROAT – several pairs breeding in the hedgerows.

CHIFFCHAFF and BLACKCAP – both breeding at South Milton Ley and in West Buckland Valley.

REED WARBLER and SEDGE WARBLER – juvs on both marshes by months end – best counts of adults around 15 of each.

CETTIS WARBLER – present on South Milton Ley.


MISTLE THRUSH – evidence of 2 pairs breeding in West Buckland Valley.


WOODPECKERS – Both GREEN AND GREAT SPOOTED holding territory in at least 3 separate sites.


BUNTING – YELLOWHAMMER – several pairs breeding around the hedge rows.

REED BUNTING – again pairs breeding on both South Milton Ley and both marshes.

CIRL BUNTING – A male seen regularly.