Add THURLESTONE BAY BIRDS SEPTEMBER 2020 September produced spells of mild weather with warm conditions on 14th and 15th only 4 days with ENE 7+ 17th and 18th, WSW 8 24th and SSW 6/8 on 30th.   Only 3 days of wet conditions. Total species recorded was 129 (c/f 2019 - 137, 2018 - 134) with 7 new species for the year taking the total to 186 (c/f 2019 - 190 and 2018 - 192).  GLOSSY IBIS, GOLDEN PLOVER, BLACK TERN, WRYNECK, GROPPA, WHINCHAT and REDPOLL. Highlights: DUCKS SHELDUCK - Singles on South Huish Marsh on 1st and River Avon on 22nd. WIGEON - first of the Autumn were 10 on South Huish Marsh on 17th. TEAL - A max on South Huish Marsh of 32 on 18th. SHOVELER - A juv on South Huish Marsh from 17th to 24th. COMMON SCOTER - Only recorded on 5 days with a max of 5 on 20th and 28th. SHEARWATERS, GANNETS, EGRETS and SPOONBILL MANX SHEARWATER - 5 on 1st and 8 on 11th were the only records. BALEARIC SHEARWATER - An unexpected total of 45 flew NW on 28th. FULMAR - 3 on 8th were the last record. GANNET - four days of good counts - 520 on 8th, 640 on 9th, 435 on 28th and a max of 765 on 30th. CATTLE EGRET - A single on South Huish Marsh from 1st to 3rd. LITTLE EGRET - A max of 12 on South Efford Marsh with 8 on South Huish Marsh. SPOONBILL - 1 on South Efford Marsh on 28th. GLOSSY IBIS - 1 on South Huish marsh for1 hour morning of 4th. RAPTORS HOBBY - Singles on South Huish marsh on 1st and at Huxton Cross on 11th.  No change in status of other Raptors. WADERS- With outlet pipe problems at South Huish marsh temporarily overcome some mud attracted passage waders with 21 species recorded around the patch. OYSTERCATCHER - A max of 41 on 7th. RINGED PLOVER - Total of 49 on 7th and a max of 50 on 11th. GOLDEN PLOVER - 1. In off the sea on 18th. GREY PLOVER - On South Huish Marsh 2 on 19th with 3 on 22nd and 23rd. KNOT - On south Huish Marsh 1 on 1st, with 3 from 3rd to 6th and 1 on 20th. SANDERLING - A max of 5 on 18th. LITTLE STINT - A Juv on South Huish Marsh on 19th and 20th. CURLEW SANDPIPER - 3 on South Huish Marsh from 1st to 7th with 1 on 20th. DUNLIN - Best totals from all sites was 142 on 7th and 72 on 19th. RUFF - 3 on South Huish Marsh from 1st to 7th with a single on 20th. SNIPE - A max on South Huish Marsh of 13 on 15th. BLACK TAILED GODWIT - A max of 16 on 22nd BAR TAILED GODWIT - 2 on Yarmer Beach from 6th to 10th. WHIMBREL -Single on South Efford Marsh on 4th. CURLEW - Max of 32 on South Efford Marsh on 22nd. STONE CURLEW - With the first patch record in April, 2 were watched flying over South Huish marsh on 22nd COMMON SANDPIPER - a max of 2 on the rocks on 7th. GREEN SANDPIPER - Max of 3 on both marshes on 1st. GREENSHANK - Max on South Efford Marsh of 8on 1st and 7th with 7 on 19th. REDSHANK - South Efford Marsh max was 7 on 17th.  On the rocks and coast flocks of 7 and 10 on the 10th - most unusual. TURNSTONE - 6 on several dates with a max of 7 on 10th. SKUAS, GULLS and TERNS GREAT SKUA - 1 flew through the Bay on 24th. KITTIWAKE - totals of 14 on 24th and 23 on 30th MEDITERRANEAN GULL - 11 on 3rd and a max of 12 on 27th. BLACK TERN - 3 flew NW across the Bay on 10th. SANDWICH TERN - 7 in the Bay on 30th. COMMIC TERN - 5 flew NW on 10th. SWIFT, HIRUNDINES and WRYNECK SWIFT- Last record were 2 flying south on 2nd. SWALLOW - Largest roost for some years was 10.000+ at South Milton Ley evening of 16th.   Best passage total was 1.000 on 15th. HOUSE MARTIN - Highest passage 220 on 14th. SAND MARTIN - 6 on 17th was the best. WRYNECK - 1 reported at Banthem on a post on 6th. WHEATEAR, CHATS, FLYCATCHERS and WAGTAILS WHEATEAR - 17 on 11th and a max of 22 on 21st. STONECHAT - 14 on 11th and 12 on 21st. SPOTTED FLYCATCHER - 3 at South Milton Ley on 16th. WHINCHAT - 2 Juv on 11th. GREY WAGTAIL - 3on 9th. PIED WAGTAIL - 30+ on beach and around South Huish Marshon 18th. YELLOW WAGTAIL - Highest count for some years over 50 at South Huish Marsh on 1st with 20+ on 2nd and 3rd. WARBLERS - Apart from ringing totals CETTIS WARBLER - 3 calling males at South MIlton Ley on 29th. CHIFFCHAFF - At least 30 on site at South Milton Ley on 10th and 15 at South Efford Marsh on11th. BLACKCAP - Max of 40 at South Milton Ley on 10th. GROPPA - 1 ringed at South Milton Ley on 4th. CRESTS, PIPITS and FINCHES FIRECREST - 1 ringed at South Milton Ley on 10th was a first September patch record. TREE PIPIT - 2 at South Milton Ley on 1st with1 on 10th. MEADOW PIPIT - Highest passage count was 112 on 27th. SISKIN - Small passage count, max of 14 on 9th and 8 on 26th. REDPOLL - 1 flew N on 25th. LINNET - At Huxton Cross 60 on 11th and 70 at South Huish Marsh on 16th. RINGING TOTALS from 5 visits by Alan CHIFFY                118 BLACKCAP                 47 CETTIS WARBLER              2 REED WARBLER             11 SEDGE WARBLER             26 GROPPA                  1 MEADOW PIPIT             24 TREE PIPIT                  1 GOLDCREST                  7 FIRECREST                  1 WATER RAIL                  1 WILLOW WARBLER              1 Final 3 months of the year to try and reach a total of 200 species for the year hopefully Mike Passman