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A month with some significant rainfall, particularly from 13th to 23rd with South Huish Marsh flooded and South Milton Ley at a record high, until it broke through the sand bank on 28th.   Stormy conditions on 14th, 16th and 19th.


A disappointing end to a frustrating year - no new species recorded in the month with only 100 species recorded (c/f 2019 - 110, 2018 - 108) .   Total species for the year 194 (c/f 2019 - 203, 2018 - 205) the second lowest in the last 10 years.





WIGEON - At South Huish Marsh was 136 on 4th whilst at South Efford Marsh a max of 300 + on 9th.

TEAL  - Max at South Huish Marsh 60 on 3rd, at South Efford Marsh 150 on 9th.

COMMON SCOTER - Only recorded on 4 days - highest were 3 on 13th and 4 on 31st.

MANDARIN - A male present all month on the Avon Estuary.

RED THROATED DIVER - Recorded on 5 days - apart from singles 4 on 29th with 9 on 30th which included a flock of 7 flying NW.

BLACK THROATED DIVER - A single on the sea on 29th.

GREAT NORTHERN DIVER - Singles on 2 days, 2 on 1st and 17th with 3 on 6th.

LITTLE GREBE - 1 on South Huish Marsh all month with a max of 3 on River Avon on 14th.



GANNET - Significant totals were 165 on 10th and 171 on 15th.

FULMAR - First returning bird a single on 16th.



MERLIN - Single around the coast on 14th and 23rd.

Otherwise no change in status for other species.


WADERS - 12 Species recorded.

OYSTERCATCHER - Max of 29 on 20th.

RINGED PLOVER - 8 on the rocks throughout the month.

DUNLIN - 1 with the PLOVERS until 29th.

LAPWING - 3 over River Avon on 2nd.

SNIPE - A max of 14 on South Huish Marsh on 1st and 7th.

BLACK TAILED GODWIT - At South Efford Marsh 6 throughout the month.

CURLEW - Winter flock of up to 30 on South Efford Marsh.

COMMON SANDPIPER - 1 regularly reported along the River Avon tidal road.

GREENSHANK - Max of 2 on River Avon all month.

REDSHANK -  Max of 7 on River Avon on 14th.

LESSER YELLOWLEGS - Present throughout the month on South Efford Marsh however on 23rd it spent the morning on South Huish Marsh assumed to be due to the flooded marsh - this was a first record for this site.

TURNSTONE - Max on the rocks of 16 on15th.



GREAT SKUA - A rare December record of 1 flying across the Bay on 14th in stormy conditions.

KITTIWAKE - Stormy conditions produced a max of 170 on 15th.

BLACK HEADED GULL - On 1st a total of over 500 in the Bay/South Huish Marsh.

MEDITERRANEAN GULL -  Up to 4 recorded throughout.

HERRING GULL -  On the afternoon of 3rd, 1700 logged flying down the Valley to roost in the Bay.



GOLDCREST - 6 in an Aveton Gifford garden on 27th with a  FIRECREST amongst them.   One of the latter ringed at South Milton Ley on 1st.

CHIFFCHAFF - 16 ringed at South Milton Ley on 1st together with 1 SIBERIAN CHIFFY, also present at 3 other sites in small numbers.

BLACKCAP - Singles over wintering in gardens in Aveton Gifford and Thurlestone.

CETTIS WARBLER -  3 ringed at South Milton Ley on 1st, 1 on Thurlestone Marsh on 2nd.



FIELDFARE - Only record were 6 at Aveton Gifford on 1st.

REDWING - 1 in roadside trees near Thurlestone on 8th.

SONG THRUSH- Noticeable increase towards the end of the month as the colder weather arrived - record in at least 5 sites.

MISTLE THRUSH - reported from 2 sites.

BLACK REDSTART - 1F at Aveton Gifford on several dates.   At South Huish Marsh, 2F most of the month were joined by a 1st winter male on 14th.

STONECHAT -Up to 6 around South Huish Marsh throughout.

ROCK PIPIT - Over 20 feeding on mound of seaweed on 1st.

WATER PIPIT - Singles at South Huish Marsh on 8th and 9th.

BULLFINCH -  A Male in a Thurlestone Garden on 2nd.

CIRL BUNTING - Just 1 record a male in a Thurlestone Garden on 9th.

YELLOWHAMMER - 3 at Huxton Cross on 29th.

SISKIN - 6 at Aveton Gifford.


Writing this on 6th January and finding that we are subject to strict lockdown regulations,  for the next 3 months looks as though activities will be very local with only limited time allowed outside our homes.