BIRDS JUNE 2020 A month of mixed weather with 2 periods of warm weather at least 6 days of heavy rain. Total species recorded were 105 (c/f 2019 - 104, 2018 - 107) with 2 new species for the year taking the total to 169 (c/f 2019 - 168, 2018 - 176) these were BLACK STORK and STORM PETREL Highlights SWANS DUCKS and DIVERS MUTE SWAN- the pair on South Huish marsh produced 4 cygnets still present and growing at the end of the month. BLACK SWAN - Still reported on the River Avon with the MUTE SWAN flock. GADWALL - A female/Juv on South Huish Marsh on 15th. SHELDUCK - Several pairs have produced good totals of ducklings although very few have survived to the end of the month.   On South Huish Marsh 5 adults with 7 young on 1st, on 9th another pair with 5 young, one pair seen crossing the Bay in choppy seas with 10 young. At South Efford Marsh a total of 6 adults with 19 young reduced to 5 at the months end. COMMON SCOTER - recorded on 4 days with a max of 10 on 19th. GREAT NORTHERN DIVER - Last spring record one in summer plumage flew across the Bay on the 4th. GANNET, SHEARWATERS and PETREL GANNET - only 2 days with large 3 figure totals - 270 on 27th and 400+ on 28th. FULMAR - max of 10 on 6th included 1 flock of 5. MANX SHEARWATER - Max of 211 on 13th with 142 on 27th. BALEARIC SHEARWATER - Movement at the end of the month with at least 15 on 27th and 4 on 28th. STORM PETREL - 1 flew SE across the Bay on 28th. RAPTORS No change in distribution of the main species, records of HOBBY with 2 at Aveton Gifford on 21st and 1 over the sea on 6th. WADERS - 11 species recorded. OYSTERCATCHER - A max of 28 on the rocks on 21st. RINGED PLOVER - Last passage were 3 on 4th. KNOT - A rare June record with 1 on South Efford Marsh on 12th. SANDERLING - Max of 20 on the beach on 5th. DUNLIN - Max of 7 on the beach on 5th. WHIMBREL - 1 on the rocks early on the 13th. CURLEW - first returning birds were 1 on 13th on the rocks and 1 at South Efford Marsh on 21st. GREEN SANDPIPER - On 21st one on North Marsh with a record also of one at Hatch Bridge. GREENSHANK - last was 1 on the River Avon on 11th. REDSHANK - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 11th and 12th. TURNSTONE - first returning bird was 1 on the rocks on 27th. STORK and EGRETs BLACK STORK - A bird reported flying up the River Avon Valley around 12.30 on 20th, 2nd patch record. LITTLE EGRET - Up to 3 at South Huish Marsh with up to 12 at South Efford - has bred at the HERONRY and the far end of River Avon GULLS, TERNS and AUKS KITTIWAKE - Max of 15 on 28th. MED GULL - first were 2 1s on 6th,with 14 on the rocks on 27th. COMMON GULL - Only record was a 1s on 29th. SANDWICH TERN - 4 in the Bay on 12th was the only record. PUFFIN - 1 on the sea on 8th with 1 flying across the Bay on 13th. SWIFTS and HIRUNDINES SWIFT - on 21st a total of 54 moving through North Marsh. Locally 17 over Thurlestone on 14th. SAND MARTIN - now 2 colonies between North Marsh and Hatch Bridge with a total of 30 birds. HOUSE MARTIN - breeding only known at four sites, major site is South Huish marsh with at least 15 pairs. SWALLOW - no large flocks reported -less breeding sites than previous years. WARBLERS CHIFFCHAFF - Many males calling, at least 10 sites would indicate a good breeding year. BLACKCAP - males singing at 12 sites around the patch. SEDGE WARBLER - breeding at 4 sites. REED WARBLER - breeding at 3 sites. WHITETHROAT - On 1st a total of 10 including 2 Juv around the coast path. Ringing at South Milton Ley. 2 visits on 2nd and 23rd -  totals BLACKCAP        5 CHIFFCHAFF        7 CETTIS WARBLER    3 SEDGE WARBLER    11 REED WARBLER    16 REED BUNTING     2 WHEATEAR, STONECHAT, FLYCATCHER. WHEATEAR - an early Juv on the Rocks on 29th. STONECHAT - At least 5 pairs breeding. SPOTTED FLYCATCHER - Only 1 regular site at Aveton Gifford with 3 young. WAGTAILS, PIPITS and BUNTINGS PIED WAGTAIL - A build up of Juv’s at South Huish Marsh/Beach with more than 20 on 22nd. GREY WAGTAILS - 3 pairs known to have bred along the River Avon.  A Juv on the beach on 23rd. ROCK PIPIT - Several pairs bred along the coast path, at least 8 Juv on the beach on 9th. YELLOWHAMMER - Only a female recorded around the lanes on 1st. REED BUNTING - A pair at South Milton Ley on 1st. July is always the month to start the post breeding return of waders and the start of some enjoyable sea-watch. Mike Passman

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