THURLESTONE BAY BIRDS 2018 The exceptional summer continued throughout July with lots of high pressure and sunshine until breaking on the 28th and 29th with up to F9 SSW, unfortunately also offshore mist. 5 species added to the year list CORYS SHEARWATER , SOOTY SHEARWATER, STORM PETREL, and GROPPA taking the total to 181 (c/f 2017 - 188, 2016 - 170) A total of 110 species recorded during the month (c/f 2017 -113, 2016 - 95) Highlights were; DUCKS SHELDUCK Bred well at South Efford Marsh. TEAL - On 1st 3 On South Efford Marsh, 1 Male On South Huish Marsh on 3rd and 4th. MALLARD - One of the best breeding years around South Huish Marsh plenty of fully fledged ducklings. COMMON SCOTER - Recorded on 3 days - 20 on the sea on 4th, 15 flew East on 11th and 9 east on 26th. SHEARWATERS GANNET and PETRELS FULMAR - Max of 5 on 21st. CORYS SHEARWATER - 1 flew East on 28th. SOOTY SHEARWATER - Total of 4 on 28th and 1 on 30th. MANX SHEARWATER - Max only 19 on 17th. BALEARIC SHEARWATER - Singles on 26th and 30th. STORM PETREL -One watched off Bolt Tail on 29th. GANNET - Max of 465 through on 28th (60% sub adults). EGRETS AND SPOONBILL LITTLE EGRET - Max of 19th At South Efford Marsh on 6th. SPOONBILL - The winter resident at South Efford Marsh last Reported on 6th  RAPTORS  HOBBY - 1 over Thurlestone Marsh on 8th. OSPREY - 1 watched flying up river at Aveton Gifford carrying a fish on 5th. WADERS -13 species recorded. OYSTERCATCHER - Max of 17 on 23rd. RINGED PLOVER - Max of 6 on both 4th and 25th. LAPWING - 2 at South Efford Marsh on 10th. SANDERLING -Max of only 4 on 25th. DUNLIN - Max of 5 on 4th and 18th. SNIPE - 1 on South Huish Marsh on 19th was a first ever July record. BLACKTAILED GODWIT - Only Recorded on 3 days max 3 on South Efford Marsh on 4th. WHIMBREL - 1 at South Efford Marsh o. 18th, 2 On rocks on 22nd. CURLEW -Flock At South Efford Marsh increased to a max of 26 on 20th. COMMON SANDPIPER - A max of 3 at South Efford Marsh and 4 on the rocks on 25th. GREEN SANDPIPER - At South Efford Marsh singles on 17th and 24th with 2 on 18th. GREENSHANK - Max at South Efford Marsh of 6 on 24th. REDSHANK - Max at South Efford  of 4 on 26th, 3 on the rocks on 5th were unusual. SKUA, GULLS and TERNS ARCTIC SKUA - 2 flew west across the Bay early on 30th. KITTIWAKE - Max of 27 flew through on 28th. MEDITERRANEAN GULL - Max on the rocks on 27th of 4 Ad and 8 Juv. YELLOW LEGGED GULL - 2 in the Bay on 30th. LITTLLE TERN - 1 in the Bay on 16th. SANDWICH TERN - 5 on 27th and 3 on 28th were the only records. CUCKOO and HIRUNDINES and SWIFT CUCKOO - 1 at Hope Cove on 9th. SWIFT - Numbers increased towards the end of the month with 20 flying NW on 17th and a total of 40 South on 31st SAND MARTIN - Max of 10 over South Huish Marsh on 9th SWALLOW - Roost flocks over Thurlestone Marsh increased from 750 on 8th, 1700 on 13th and a max of 3000 on 21st. HOUSE MARTIN - Up to a total of 20 nests located throughout the patch - a max of 30 birds at South Huish Marsh o. Several dates. WARBLERS, FLYCATCHER, CHATS, WHEATEAR and BUNTINGS BLACKCAP - Max of 5 in local garden on 5th. CHIFFY - Up to 10 throughout the patch. GARDEN WARBLER - 1 at South Efford Marsh on 20th. WHITETHROAT - Up to 5 along the coast patch including Juvs GROPPA - 1 at South Milton Levy xo. 10th. SEDGE WARBLER - 5 by the footbridge on 21st. REED WARBLER - a max of 8 by the footbridge on 21st. SPOTTED FLYCATCHER - 4 (family party) in a South Milton Garden on 28th. STONECHAT - At least 3 pairs have bred with 4 Juvs on 5th and 4non 23rd. WHEATEAR - A Juv on the Golf Course on 10th and 18th. REED BUNTING - A pair visiting a Thurlestone Garden on several dates, 3 including a Juv by the footbridge on 21st. YELLOWHAMMER - Seen along the hedgerows on several dates. RINGING NEWS - Reports from Alan Pomroy ringing at South Milton Levy.                 11th July        18th and 19th July        26th July BLACKCAP            5                32               6 CHIFFY            6                16               1 REED WARBLER        10                24               8 SEDGE WARBLER         4                11               7 GARDEN WARBLER                                       1 WHITETHROAT                         2               2 WILLOW WARBLER                         1               8 REED BUNTING         1 Hopefully August will see the start of the Autumn Waders migration -  need some rain to raise the water level  at South Huish Marsh