SUN 26 FEB A cloudy morning with rain after 12.00 and an increasing 5/7 W wind. Joined by Graham this morning . Offshore - 25 GANNET, 3 FULMAR, 4 AUK -E, 2 COMMON SCOTER - W , 2 SHELDUCK -W On South Huish Marsh - 140 WIGEON, 35 TEAL, 3 SHELDUCK, 1f SHOVELER, 2 COOT ( possibly 3 ) 7 SNIPE,3 LAPWINg . The 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE feeding at the front of the marsh . 1 WHITE WAGTAIL( 127 ) amongst the PIEDS .Report of a juv ICELAND GULL  briefly at 14.00 On the rocks 3 TURNSTONE The DESERT WHEATEAR on show on Leasfoot Beach . In the field near Horswell House at 12.00 now 5 CATTLE EGRET and 1 LITTLE EGRET Next update 1 March   FRI 24 FEB First just rec'd news from Eric that Rod Bone flushed a GREEN SANDPIPER ( 126 ) on the North Marsh on 12 FEB, these have been scarce this winter in comparison with previous years . Spent the morning with Eric ( and around 200+ people ) at the Monument Car park at Slapton sands ,good views of a Humpback Whale at times less than 100 yds offshore , also Dolphin and Porpoise feeding . Dave Pakes visited  South Huish Marsh and confirmed the 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE were showing well . Back in Aveton Gifford a pair of BLACKCAP in a local garden ( my first of the year ) THURS 23 FEB Gale force W winds veering NW with very rough seas , sunny periods . Almost impossible to use a scope so after a brief seawatch spent the rest of the morning looking over the Marsh. Offshore 4 GANNET, 1 FULMAR and at 09.30 a BLACK T DIVER flew into the Bay from east, circled and then flew very fast back to the east ! On South Huish Marsh - 140 WIGEON , 20 TEAL ( well down on Wed numbers )2 SHELDUCK , 2 SHOVELER, 1 COOT , only 1 SNIPE. Large numbers of Gulls on the water - inc 100+ LESSER B B GULL, 20 GREAT B B GULL, 250+ HERRING GULL , amongst a flock of 25 BLACK H GULL were both a 1w and a2w MED GULL. A PEREGRINE flew through. On the rocks 15 TURNSTONE . The 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE were back in the field with the CANADA flock. Still 4 CATTLE EGRETin the field near Horswell House  Eric reports a NUTHATCH in his village . Alan Doidge reports a HUMPBACKED WHALE reasonably close inshore off the monument car park at Slapton , will be visiting in the morning Late news - report rec'd of a MARSH HARRIER ( 125 ) at South Huish Marsh WED 22 FEB A cloudy morning with drizzle and showers , A W f7 wind and rough seas Received a report last night from Mark Bailey that at 15.30 there were 4 CATTLE EGRET in the field near Horswell House , stopped off at 12.30 today and there were 4 CATTLE plus 2 LITTLE EGRETS . Makes you wonder just how many there are in South Devon . Because of poor offshore viz only managed in an hour to pick up - 16 GANNET, 9 AUKS 1 KITTIWAKE, 5 FULMAR , from 11.00 there were 5 kite surfers in the bay ! On South Huish Marsh - 140 WIGEON , 60 TEAL, 2 SHOVELER, 1 SHELDUCK, 1 COOT, only 15 SNIPE and 3 LAPWING today, the lone DUNLIN still. No sign of the W F GEESE On the rocks - 15 TURNSTONE, 5 RINGED PLOVER. The DESERT WHEATEAR continues to show well to visitors on Leasfoot Beach Some gale force winds on Thursday associated with storm Doris - might bring some large Gulls in. TUES 21 FEB A cloudy morning with a brisk f3/4 W wind . Report from yesterday of a 1w ICELAND GULL at South Huish Marsh- any more detailed info would be welcome Only 10 GANNET offshore . On South Huish Marsh the 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE flew in from the fields at 12.00, 130+ WIGEON, 35 TEAL, 1m SHOVELER, 1 LITTLE GREBE, 2 COOT 2 SHELDUCK , only 9 LAPWING, 1 DUNLIN, 45 + SNIPE . At 12.00 3 CURLEW flew onto the marsh left 5 mins later to the east - we do not have any resident ones so these are probably the first migrants, 1 WATER PIPIT On the rocks -8 TURNSTONE, 6 RINGED PLOVER and the BLACK REDSTART In the field near Horwell House 2 CATTLE EGRET and 3 LITTLE EGRET. Message for Roger the landscape gardener who was speaking to Eric on Saturday about viewing screens - can he ring him asap on07564 218620   MON 20 FEB Very little to report today - DESERT WHEATEAR still showing well, . On South Huish Marsh the 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE came in to drink and preen at 11.15 ( if they are in the field with the CANADAS they seem to fly in at this time ), much better views particularly for anyone wanting to photograph . Otherwise same species as Sunday On the rocks 15 TURNSTONE . In the field near Horswell House I could only find 1 CATTLE EGRET along with 2 LITTLE EGRET Finally at South Milton Ley Dave P reported a FIRECREST A nice close up of the bill of the WHITE FRONTED GOOSE at South Huish Marsh taken by James K SUN 19 FEB A cloudy morning with a F3/4 W wind . Lots of visitors today . Report rec'd of both TAWNY and BARN OWL very vocal last night near South Milton Ley This morning the DESERT WHEATEAR still showing well on Leasfoot Beach. Offshore 3 GREAT N DIVER flew in from the west at 09.25 , 2 landed on the sea . Also 3 FULMAR , 12 GANNET, 15 AUKS , 2 KITTIWAKES . At 09.45  picked up a white winged gull flying east , too far out for positive id , on size probably ICELAND On South Huish Marsh - 140 WIGEON, 25 TEAL, 2 SHOVELER, 2 COOT 3 SHELDUCK, 1 LITTLE GREBE, 25 LAPWING,30 + SNIPE 1 DUNLIN, 1 WATER PIPIT . The 2 RUSSIAN WHITE FRONTED GOOSE feeding on the Marsh The BLACK REDSTART on the rocks . . In the field near Horswell House wood still 2 CATTLE EGRET. Over my garden at 14.15 30 FIELDFARE , 3 REED BUNTING on the feeders FRI 17 FEB Made a trip with Eric to Broadsands to see the PACIFIC DIVER that Mike Langman found yesterday . Although a flat  mill pond sea the Diver was some distance offshore so difficult to pick up good views , spent some time in the company of a RED THROATED DIVER, also on the sea were a BLACK THROATED and GREAT NORTHERN DIVER, 2 BLACK N GREBE and a COMMON SCOTER . Stopped off at Huxton Cross at 13.00- 100+ CHAFFINCH, 4 CIRL BUNTING, 10 YELLOWHAMMER and a FIELDFARE. Next update will be Sunday evening Whist waiting for auditions for the remake of Last of the Summer Wine our photographic agent Steph Murphy took this publicity shot at Broadsands this morning of Eric Tony and myself THURS `16 FEB Almost spring like weather ,sunny and only a light breeze , no wonder the DESERT WHEATEAR has started to sing . South Huish marsh  held the same birds as Tuesday. , although the WIGEON are flying to rest on the sea .In the fields with the CANADA flock were the 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE. The BLACK REDSTART still on the rocks by the flats .4 RINGED PLOVER on the rocks Near the footbridge a COAL TIT calling ( not often seen here ) In West Buckland valley - 1 GREEN WOODY, 3 GREAT SP WOODY, 2 COAL TIT , 4 GOLDCREST Alan P had a poor morning ringing only 5 new birds inc 1 CHIFFY. He estimated around 30 CHIFFY on site along with 32 REDWING , 1 WATER RAIL, 1 TAWNY OWL . He also had 2 CATTLE EGRET in the field next to Horswell House   WED 15 FEB Another morning with rain until 09.30 , F3 WSW wind and by 10.00 clear horizon and sunny periods . The best mornings seawatch of the year so far with a good passage of species , so good that I did not leave the car park until 11 .45 . Started the watch at 09.30 just as the rain  cleared through- 145 GANNET  east, 14 KITTIWAKE , 2ad COMMON GULL, 3ad MED GULL, at 10.15 a 1st w LITTLE GULL (124 ) flew east close inshore , 32 RAZORBILL and 80 AUKS flew east , 8 COMMON SCOTER- east, 150+ WIGEON were on the sea and at 09.45 they were joined by 4 db BRENT GOOSE which flew in from the west . A total of 6 DIVERS logged - 09.45 - 1 RED THROATED ( on the sea ) 10.10 & 10.12 BLACK THROATED flew east , 10.03 1 GREAT NORTHERN flew west and at 10.05 2 flew east . 1 TEAL and 1 SHELDUCK flew into the marsh . On the rocks 11 TURNSTONE at 12.00 went down to Leasfoot Beach , the DESERT WHEATEAR showing very well, plumage starting to change towards summer . In the Horswell House field there were 3 CATTLE EGRET. This afternoon a visit to the tidal road at Aveton Gifford produced - 3 GREENSHANK, 5 REDSHANK, 2 BLACK T GODWIT, 2 COMMON SANDPIPER, 2 SHELDUCK, Both EGYPTIAN and BARNACLE GOOSE were on the river . Eric also had an ad MED GULL . He also had in his garden a SIBERIAN CHIFFY TUES 14 FEB Heavy rain overnight with an overcast morning , poor viz offshore . On South Huish Marsh- 135 WIGEON, 30 TEAL, 2 SHOVELER, 3 SHELDUCK, 1 DUNLIN, 1 WATER PIPIT, only 15 SNIPE, 75 LAPWING 2 ad COMMON GULL. , 120+ BLACK H GULL, 30 LESSER B B GULL. In the fields with the CANADAS were the 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE Nick reports the DESERT WHEATEAR has been heard singing . , still on Leasfoot Beach On South Efford Marsh Eric reports - 150 WIGEON, 70+ TEAL, 2 GREENSHANK, 3 REDSHANK,  1 KINGFISHER , 4 BLACKCAP still around the gardens This afternoon 3 f REED BUNTING and a CHIFFCHAFF on my garden feeders Went up to Huxton Cross at 16.00  the Finch flock was - 250+ LINNET, 200+ CHAFFINCH , 15 YELOOWHAMMER also 5 SKYLARK and 3 RED L PARTRIDGE MON 13 FEB An overcast morning with a few sunny periods later , a F8 ENE wind  made watching difficult . Offshore in 45 mins from 09.20 - 30 GANNET, 2 FULMAR, 1 SHELDUCK  and 2 TEAL flew east . On South Huish Marsh unchanged from yesterday apart from an ad MED GULL on the water briefly , the BLACK REDSTART on the rocks At Huxton Cross around 150 CHAFFINCH sheltering in the wood, 9 STOCK DOVE . At Aveton Gifford Dave P reported - 2m 2 f PINTAIL on flood water at north end of the marsh , also small numbers of FIELDFARE and REDWING. Eric had in his garden - 6 CHIFFY and 4 BLACKCAP On my feeders a pair of REED BUNTING Sun 12 FEB A cloudy morning but another bitterly cold day with a F5 ENE wind, joined by Graham , Chris and Bob today . After a very cold w/end - even some snow flurries on Sat the DESERT WHEATEAR still showing well on Leasfoot beach this morning . Offshore 65 GANNET, 1 GREAT N DIVER on the sea , 2 RED T DIVER flew east , 1 SHELDUCK west . On the rocks - 5 TURNSTONE, 5 RINGED PLOVER, 1 BLACK REDSTART On South Huish Marsh - 120 WIGEON, 35 TEAL, 2 SHOVELER, 100+ SNIPE , 95 LAPWING, 1 BLACK T GODWIT, 1 DUNLIN, 1 LITTLE GREBE, 1 COOT, 1 WATER PIPIT At Aveton Gifford 5 FIELDFARE, 1 BLACKCAP . Last week Rod Bone had 1m 3f PINTAIL on flood water at the back of North Marsh. A report of a GREY PARTRIDGE ( 123 ) on the road near Bobs car park ., almost certainly one of the birds reported late autumn .  FRI 10 FEB A cloudy morning with poor viz offshore , bitterly cold in a F 5 NE wind , worth going out though for 2 patch year ticks . Offshore a BLACK T DIVER flew east at 10.50. 20 COMMON SCOTER flew west , only 2 GANNET. On the rocks 15 TURNSTONE and 2 RINGED PLOVER On South Huish Marsh- a femail PINTAIL ( 121 ) ,2 SHOVELER, 1m GADWALL, 150 WIGEON, 45 TEAL, 50 + LAPWING, 1 BLACK T GODWIT, 1 DUNLIN . Increase in SNIPE to 60 + , also 2 JACK SNIPE ( 122 ) - 1 in flight and 1 feeding . In the nearby field with 45 CANADAS were the 2 WHITE FRONTED GOOSE - they flew off with 8 CANADAS at 09.45 . In Buckland Valley 35 GOLDFINCH, 1 GREAT Sp WOODY and GOLDCREST THURS 9 FEB A morning with some sunny periods but feeling cold in a biting f4 E wind Offshore - 25 COMMON SCOTER and 4 WIGEON flew east, 10 GANNET On South Huish Marsh  only change from Wed - 2 SHELDUCK and a BLACK T GODWIT ( no W F GOOSE again ) BLACK REDSTART on the rocks still. At HUXTON CROSS 750 + mixed flock of CORVIDS , 250 + WOOD PIGEON, 250 + STARLING , 150 CHAFFINCH Yesterday Alan P was ringing at South Milton Ley- 16 CHIFFCHAFF ( +14 on site ), 1 SIBERIAN CHIFFY ( +2 on site , 1 ringed ), 2 REDWING, 3 GOLDCREST. 3 m REED BUNTING singing and at least 3 WATER RAIL heard WED 8 FEB A sunny morning with little breeze , cold start with a frost . A 45min garden watch from -08.00 produced 29 species -highlights - 2 RAVEN, 2 REED BUNTING, 1m BULLFINCH, 1 REDWING, 12 TEAL, 2 WIGEON . Started at Leasfoot Beach - the DESERT WHEATEAR showed well - it has now been on the patch for 3 months , anyone know what the longest stayer is ? On South Huish marsh - WIGEON , TEAL and SHOVELER same as yesterday, a m GADWALL was new in , Only 60 LAPWING, 40 SNIPE, 1 DUNLIN, 1 L > GREBE, 1 WATER PIPIT . No sign of the W F GOOSE today . On the rocks 7 TURNSTONE, 1 BLACK REDSTART Short visit to the tidal road at Aveton Gifford produced - 1 BARNACLE GOOSE, 3 GREENSHANK , 1 REDSHANK, 1 COMMON SANDPIPER, whist through his garden Eric reported - BLACKCAP, GOLDCREST L T TIT   TUES 7 FEB A sunny morning with only 1 shower but a brisk F5 W wind . Joined by Graham today , also at least 7 visitoers to look at the Geese. Offshore a feeding flock of 75 GANNET, 1 FULMAR, 2 KITTIWAKE, 2ad COMMON GULL, 4ad MED GULL . On the rocks - 8 RINGED PLOVER, 11 TURNSTONE , 1 BLACK REDSTART. On the Marsh - 160 WIGEON ( highest this winter ) 35 TEAL, 2 SHOVELER, 1 LITTLE GREBE, 1 COOT, 35 SNIPE, 1 DUNLIN , 200 GOLDEN PLOVER ( picked up by Alan in the far distance ) 1 WATER PIPIT, 2ad MED GULL ( part of the 4 on sea ). At 10.45  Tony M watched a 2w ICELAND GULL ( 120 ) land on the marsh, spent less than a minute before flying out to sea , thankfully everyone on site managed to see it before flying off . The 2 European ( or RUSSIAN  as they now seem to be called ) WHITE FRONTED GOOSE were showing well feeding on the grass at the side of the marsh before returning to the field with the CANADAS . At 15.45 the Huxton Cross Finch flock totalled over 500 birds mostly LINNET & CHAFFINCH also GREENFINCH , GOLDFINCH , a separate flock of 30 YELLOWHAMMER and a MISTLE THRUSH On South Efford Marsh Eric reports - 120 WIGEON, few TEAL and a GREENSHANK . On the North Marsh Rod had 76 SNIPE and both the BARNACLE GOOSE and EGYPTIAN GOOSE with the CANADAS Received details from Helen of some ringing recvoveries the most interesting is a SEDGE WARBLER ringed at South Milton Ley at 13.00 on 24 Aug 2016 and controlled at 10.30 0n 26 Aug 2016 at Tour aux Moutons , Donges , Loire Atlantique a distance of 353 km in less than 48 hours . MON 6 FEB A cloudy morning with showers developing from 10.30 and an incresing f5-7 S wind In the field near horswell house woods I could only find 1 CATTLE EGRET On South Huish Marsh the first COOT (119 ) of the year, 2 BLACK T GODWIT, 1 KINGFISHER ( also on the rocks ), 1 PEREGRINE, 1ad MED GULL, WIGEON , TEAL, SHOVELER and LAPWING numbers unchanged from yesterday . No sign of the WHITE FRONTED GEESE today On the rocks  1 BLACK REDSTART , 6 RINGED PLOVER, 6 TURNSTONE Offshore - 32 GANNET, 4 COMMON SCOTER , 2 RAZORBILL and a FULMAR - all flew east SUN 5 FEB. Having arrived home at 03.00 a later start than normal today , reached South Huish Marsh at 10.00.. Prior to this surprised to find water pools on T'stone Marsh  with 22 MALLARD, 12 TEAL and a male WIGEON . Offshore only a single GANNET, on the rocks 2 TURNSTONE and 3 RINGED PLOVER, Bob had a PEREGRINE over . On the Marsh - 105 LAPWING ( on 1st Bob had 142 - highest count this year ), 1 BLACK T GODWIT, 1 DUNLIN, 15 SNIPE. 110 WIGEON, 15 TEAL, 2 SHOVELER. Amongst  a flock of 50 CANADA GOOSE were 2 RUSSIAN GREENLAND WHITE FRONTED GOOSE ( 118 )- found yesterday by AJL , last record was in March 2015 . A WATER PIPIT also . At South Milton Ley Eric and Alan had 12 CHIFFY, 1 SIBERIAN CHIFFY, 1 GREY WAGTAIL, ,in fields next to Horswill House woods were 2 CATTLE EGRET - these are probably the same as seen 2 weeks ago at S H Marsh, best position to try and pick them up is from the approach road to the sewerage works On Leasfoot Beach nice to see the DESERT WHEATEAR had survived  the last weeks rain and storm force winds , visitors today from Derbyshire and Dorset At Huxton Cross the finch and thrush flock contained - 250 LINNET, 200+ CHAFFINCH, 12 YELLOWHAMMER, 30 GOLDFINCH, GREENFINCH, 20 SKYLARK, 25 FIELDFARE, 15 REDWING. Alan had a BARN OWL over the bridge at Avtn Gifford .   Whilst I was away it was obviously GOOSE time - On South Efford Marsh an EGYPTION GOOSE ( 116 ) and a BARNACLE GOOSE ( 117) .Dave Pakes had a YELLOW BROWED WARBLER by the entrance gates to S E Mrash FUERTEVENTURA TRIP 28 JAN - 4 FEB Spent a week at the Jandia Princess Hotel at the very South end of the Island - our first visit.   Hired a car for 2 days to visit some of the sites further north. Disappointing total of only 45 species - although did manage to find some surprises. Target birds were BLACK BELLIED SANDGROUSE - found a total of 17 at La Pared coming to an almost dry stream, and FURTEVENTURA CHAT this was difficult to find. Over the Hotel - Offshore or flying over, SWALLOW, PALLID SWIFT, PLAIN SWIFT, RAVEN, SANDWICH TERN, many LESSER B.B. GULL, YELLOW LEGGED GULL.  Several CORYS SHEARWATER, many trip reports only mention singles of GANNET ,seen daily (early evening) from Hotel Balcony max 30 including a single flock of 23. On Thursday 2nd February a flock of 6 SACRED IBIS flew north only 50 feet above us - cannot find any reference to this specie in any visitor reports. Whilst watching the SAND GROUSE found a female BLACK REDSTART again no comments in any previous reports. Waders were disappointing only GREENSHANK, RINGED PLOVER, COMMON SANDPIPER, 10 BLACK WINGED STILT.   Only 1 CATTLE EGRET at Risco Del Pasa where a flock of  25 SANDWICH TERN feeding offshore. Near Los Molinos the only HOUBARA BUSTARD of the visit, a feral flock of 40+ MUSCOVEY DUCK.   At the nearby reservoir 2 HOOPOE, 1 HERON, 150+ COOT, 40 + TEAL, 4 SHOVELER, 8 TUFTED DUCK, 11 LITTLE EGRET, 1 SPOONBILL, 60+ RUDDY SHELDUCK, 2 BLACK HEADED GULL. Found plenty of BERTHELOTS PIPIT and at least 7 SOUTHERN GREY SHRIKE.  Only raptors KESTREL  and BUZZARD Finally flying south with 2 SANDWICH TERN one evening a good candidate for LESSER CRESTED TERN. Record shot of the CATTLE EGRET at SOUTH HUISH MARSH 23 JAN 2017 by Alan Doidge Photos of the DESERT WHEATEAR 13 Nov 2016 from Alan Doidge YELLOW BROWED WARBLER at South Milton Ley 19 OctPOM SKUA at SOUTH HUISH MARSH 18 MAY 2016 - taken by Alan DoidgePURPLE HERON - Some more photos from Alan Doidge PURPLE HERONS at South Huish Marsh 2 photos from Alan Doidge  taken 24 April 2016 Some stunning photos of  SQUACCO HERON by Alan Doidge SQUACCO HERONS. Consensus of opinion is there is at least 2 birds in the South Hams area . Confirmed by simultaneous sights last night of birds at Beesands Ley and at Prawle Point . Still one bird on the Scillies. Until comparison of photos  can be made the jury will have to be out on whether the South Milton bird on Wed was another one !Record shot of male Red Backed Shrike South Huish Marsh 9 JulyWILLOW WARBLER and ACREDULA WARBLER Not often in Devon that an opportunity arises to compare these 2 species . ACREDULA is a sub specie of WILLOW breeding mostly in Scandanavia usually  above 63o North , studies have confirmed that they winter in different habitats in Africa Have received these photos from Roger and Helen of a bird ringed on the 11 August at South Milton Ley, whilst I missed this, I was fortunate to see one that Bob ringed a few years ago . You really do need to see them in the hand to appreciate them.GLOSSY IBIS - South Huish Marsh 19 Nov 2015 - Alan Doidge ISABELLINE SHRIKE ISABELLINE SHRIKE ISABELLINE SHRIKE - SOUTH HUISH MARSH 14 OCT 2015- photos by Alan Doidge and Richard StaffordPhotos below of the BEE-EATERS at Aymer Cove 30 MAY  taken by Alan DoidgeROCK PIPIT - Littoralis South Huish Marsh 28 March2015 KUMLIENS GULL near South Milton Alan Doidge 2 W . F GOOSE 23 FEB 20152014Another SIB. CHIFFCHAFF at South Milton Ley-AFDRecord shot of the GLOSSY IBIS taken at 16.00 Sat 27 Dec- Alan Doidge Some cracking photos from Alan Doidge of the SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF  and colour ringed ROCK PIPITWHOOPER SWAN family- T'stone Marsh on 19 OCT 2014 Crane at South Huish Marsh 20 Oct 2014- Alan DoidgeTUES 16 SEPT Some Recent photos from Alan DoidgeLITTLE STINTS - South Huish Marsh LITTLE STINTS -South Huish Marsh WHINCHAT-South Huish Marsh Juv Purple Heron - S H Marsh 08.30 10 Sept 2014- Alan Doidge Little Stint juv - S H Marsh- 6 Sept 2014 Wood Sandpiper- S H Marsh 6 Sept 2014Photos from Alan Doidge at South Huish Marsh News Since 2003 my  patch list totals 247 latest- DESERT WHEATEAR - 8 NOV Visitor Counter Reset 10th September 2013 (previously 55000+) Links  Alderney Bird Observatory   Avon Birds   Devon Birds   Birds of the Heath   Axe Birding   Birding Exmouth   Christchurch Harbour   Teesmouth Bird Club   Portland Bird Observatory   Cornwall Birding   Belvide Birding   Jersey Bird News   Thurlestone Weather   The Birds of South Gloucestershire   MBS Trophies ( part sponsor  with time )[Print] Print | Sitemap © Michael Passman This website was created using 1&1 MyWebsite. 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